Kickcycles and rollators

ESLA kickcycles are proudly designed and made in Finland.
Kickcycles are designed with the input of both our users and industry experts. Right from the initial design phase, the users needs have been carefully considered. Kickcycles have become over time very stable, safe and good to use all year round. ESLA kickcycles have been stringently tested in industry facilities and fulfil all relevent standards for quality and endurance.

We have a range of three great models to choose from.

Our Kickcycle 3300 is four wheeled, safe and suitable to use to get around on all year round.  The Cityspark 3600 is a shorter four wheeled kickcycle and very easy to use everywhere. The CityMax 3800 is a short four wheeled kickcycle, which has the same large wheels front and rear.

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