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Emission-Free Mobility with Esla

E.S. Lahtinen Ltd is a Finnish family-owned company founded in 1928. The company’s long history began with Erkki Samuli “Samppa” Lahtinen, who represented Indian motorcycles and repaired machines. However, in 1933, the company started producing kicksleds using self-made machines. Even today, the company is best known for its Esla brand kick sleds. Under the Esla brand, E. S. Lahtinen also manufactures kickcycles, scooters, and rollators.

Over the course of 95 years, the company has developed a well-known and trusted brand. Internationalization began in 1977 with the export of kicksleds to Sweden. Nowadays, sleds are exported to snowy countries all over the world, especially North America.

Sustainability and circular economy have always been integral parts of the company’s operations, even before they were commonly talked about using those terms. Esla kicksleds have been designed to last for generations. The lifespan of a sled is approximately 70 years, and spare parts are available in the online store. The kicksleds are designed and manufactured in the village of Koura in Seinäjoki, Finland. The domestic content of Esla products ranges from 80 % to 99 %.

Traditional kicksleds and other Esla products offer emission-free transportation. By kicking along with an environmentally friendly sled, users can reduce their own mobility carbon footprint. The main raw materials used in sleds are wood and steel, both of which are recyclable. The solid birch wood used in the sleds is sourced primarily from a local sawmill in the village of Koura. The company has also taken various measures to reduce environmental impact in its own production processes.