Esla kickcycles and rollators

Esla adults’ kickcycles and rollators bring some joy to your exercise routine

ESLA kickcycles and rollators are Finnish, easy-to-use vehicles for independent movement, meeting acquaintances and taking care of things. The kickcycles travel smoothly on all surfaces, are easy to steer and safe to ride even on slippery surfaces.

Esla kickcycle selection

Our selection includes a rollator carefully designed for the needs of its users, i.e. a pushable wheeled frame. The rollator is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and helps the user to maintain independent movement. A domestic, high-quality and safe rollator, which is always delivered pre-assembled and adjusted.

A kickcycle is a mobility aid designed for outdoor use all year round. The Esla kickcycle is safe and comfortable to use, as it was designed in cooperation with users and experts. A shorter and more agile version of the kickcycle, the CityMax, has also been developed, which is suitable for going at a faster pace, for example, in urban areas and on city sidewalks. It also fits conveniently in, for example, a bus or a tram.

ESLA Kickcycle brochure

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ESLA Kickcycle characteristics

The domestic ESLA rollator, i.e. walking frame, has a steel, sturdy structure, so it is safe to use and does not fall over. Additional safety is provided by efficient hand brakes and a seat for resting. Puncture-proof cellular rubber wheels are suitable for all types of surfaces, and the 360-degree rotating front wheels facilitate movement both indoors and outdoors.

The adult kickcycle has a sturdy steel frame and large wheels with ball bearings. Thanks to the self-centering double rod steering and its structure that widens downwards, the product is very well balanced and safe. Powerful brakes, extra-wide brake cables and good reflectors bring additional safety. Rollators and kickcycles can be easily folded up during transport.

Order a Esla kickcycle or rollator easily online

You can easily order an adult kickcycle or rollator from our online store. Thanks to our extensive warehouse, we can deliver the products in 5 – 7 business days. Kickcycles and rollators are delivered pre-assembled and adjusted.

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All ESLA products are manufactured in Finland, in the village of Koura in Seinäjoki, using domestic raw materials as much as possible. In addition to being local and ecological, our key value is helping people of different ages to increase their exercise.

ESLA or E. S. Lahtinen Oy has been designing and manufacturing rollators and kickcycles for adults as well as other exercise equipment for decades. We also offer kicksleds, kickboards for indoor and outdoor use, and rocking chairs for adults and children.

Contact us if you want more information about the kickcycle or rollator product group. We are happy to help.

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