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A kicksled is a fun, healthy, and ecological way to exercise, suitable for all ages to use during the winter season. Our company, E. S. Lahtinen Oy was established in 1928, and shortly after that, series production of ESLA kicksleds began. The kicksled has been used to get around on for many generations, and is now part of Finnish and Nordic culture. Order yourself a high-quality kicksled made from Finnish birch to suit all sizes straight from the online store!

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High-quality Finnish kicksleds for active winter fun – ESLA!

ESLA sleds are high-quality Finnish sleds for active families. The ESLA kicksled is a classic that has been used for transportation by many generations. Today, the sled is a sports device for all age groups that brings the joy of movement in winter. ESLA kicksleds are the perfect way to enjoy winter actively and healthily. Instead of sitting indoors, you can explore the snowy landscape with an ESLA kicksled, breathe in the fresh winter air, and do something for your fitness at the same time. ESLA is a Nordic classic! Easy to use and suitable for all fitness levels.

Enjoy winter in the best way with ESLA kicksleds

For almost 100 years, ESLA has brought joy to people all over Scandinavia with high-quality kicksleds. Now, we are bringing our passion for winter fun and active movement across the world! E. S. Lahtinen ESLA is a family business since 1928.

  • Finnish Tradition & Expertise: ESLA has a long tradition in the manufacturing of kicksleds. The knowledge and experience from Finland, the land of winter sports, are embedded in every single sled.
  • High-quality Materials & Durability: ESLA uses only solid materials like durable Finnish birch wood and spring steel. This ensures that your kick sled can withstand even the toughest winter conditions with ease.
  • Safety & Comfort: ESLA kicksleds are meticulously tested for safety and comfort. Ergonomic seats and non-slip footrests ensure a relaxed and safe riding experience.
  • Suitable for Everyone: ESLA offers a wide range of kicksleds for different needs. Whether you are an active person or want to enjoy winter with your family and children, you will find the perfect sled at ESLA. Sledding is an outdoor activity suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. It is easy and fun! For transport and storage, the sled can be folded to a space-saving size.

Looking for an active winter experience?

ESLA kicksleds offer the perfect solution! Our durable kicksleds made from solid birch wood are ideal for active people of all ages. With an ESLA kicksled, you can enjoy the fresh winter air while gliding gently through the snowy landscape and moving healthily. The company’s mission is to bring families joy through movement.

Safety and comfort at the highest level

ESLA kicksleds are manufactured with the utmost care and using high-quality materials. The runners made from spring steel provide excellent maneuverability and stability on any surface. The ergonomic seats and non-slip footrests guarantee a safe and comfortable riding experience. All production takes place in Finland.

Stay active in winter and enjoy nature with an ESLA kicksled. Visit our ESLA webshop and discover our wide range of comfortable and safe kicksleds! (EU only)

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Our selection of ESLA kicksleds

ESLA has a long tradition, so we know what materials should be used to make a kicksled for winter snow conditions, and how best to put them all together. A high-quality kick or ice sled will last for decades in use. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of kicksleds nearly 100 years.

In our comprehensive selection you will find a kicksled for all ages and sizes. The ESLA T1 MINI is a light children’s kicksled that is suitable for 90-120 cm tall users, while the ESLA T2 and ESLA ESLA T4 sleds are for slightly bigger riders. Models ESLA T6, ESLA T7 and ESLA T8 are available for adults.

Our selection also includes the modern, sporty Esla Adventure dogsled, which brings a sledging expedition atmosphere to sledding. This novelty product is used especially by dog sledding people, travel enthusiasts and adventure athletes. Esla Adventure can be used with one or two pulling dogs, but also when kicking alone.

In addition, our sport sleds ESLA Kickspark and Kickspark Max offer fitness enthusiasts and athletes a new, efficient high energy work out. All models are available in several color options.

Features of ESLA kicksleds

Adult and children’s sleds are made from Finnish grown birch and painted with ecological, water-based paints. The paint protects the kicksled from UV radiation and looks great. The runners are made of recycled spring steel, and are galvanized to prevent rusting.

The kicksled can be folded up for transport or storage. Footrests and a reflector are standard equipment. Various accessories and spare parts are also available, such as sliding or soft snow runners, ice shoes and footrests. If you can’t find the accessory you’re looking for in our selection, contact us!

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You can easily order adult and children’s kicksleds from our online store. We have a large warehouse, so we guarantee reliable and fast deliveries. Find out more about the ESLA delivery conditions via this link.


ESLA, or E. S. Lahtinen Oy, designs and manufactures ecological kick sleds and other exercise equipment with almost a hundred years of experience. We also offer scooters and rollators, kickcyckles, and rocking chairs for adults and children. All ESLA products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

ESLA kick sleds are manufactured in Western Finland in the village of Koura. Ecology is a key value of the company, which is reflected in our using local materials, manufacturing methods and end products. Another key value is encouraging exercise for people of all ages. Kicksleds enable the whole family to get out in nature, for example to explore or on camping trips.

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