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Get your own kicksleds straight from the manufacturer

We are now looking for new retailers for our kicksleds. Would a range of kicksleds be the little extra this year that gets your customers excited?


To our retailers we provide:

  • a unique product that you can’t find anywhere else
  • reasonable pricing
  • direct contact to us here at Esla


Interested? Contact us:
+358 6 4299400

It’s fun. It’s easy. Everyone can master this sport on their first try.

All you need is a kicksled and a winter wonderland and you’re set to go. And what’s best, there are no age limits for kicksledding – even the smallest children can enjoy this winter sport.


“Kicksledding is the perfect family sport. It’s also great cardio exercise, and alternative to cross-country skiing for those who like a little more stability on snow or ice.”
-DAVID BUISSON, ESLA distributor in Northern America GoSlide https://goslide.ca

A family owned business from Finland

Kicksledding has a long tradition in Finland where it has been used as a form of traveling from one place to another in the ice and snow.


Alive and kickin’ since 1933

Esla from Finland has been producing kicksleds since 1933. The original kicksled model looks pretty much the same today as it did 90 years ago. Talk about good design that stands the test of time!


“ESLA’s sleds are truly well made and they last from father to son – or even grandson!”
-ILO SUURMETS, ESLA’s distributor in Estonia Kickbike Eesti

Make the most of your kick­sledding experience

Our wide collection of kicksled accessories make sure that you can enjoy kicksledding in various environments.