ESLA Kickspark


Delivery time 1-3 working days
Adjustable height 66 - 89 cm
Weigth 6.7 kg
LengthWidth 154 cm
Width 38 cm
Foldable body
For user Lenght 100-180 cm
Guarantee 1 year
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The Kickspark is a steel framed sled designed especially for use in competition and by serious athletes. The Kickspark is fast, handles well and can tackle rough surfaces. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you taking your Kickspark to the shops if you want to!

The Kickspark is light but very easy to ride. The design of the Kickspark body is many times more rigid than that of an ordinary kicksled and that guarantees a stable slide at high speeds. The riding position is easy to adjust, because the Kickspark handlebar features a big height adjustment range and a comfortable, upholstered multiple position handle.

With accessories also usable for dog sledding.

Footrests are standard equipment on all Kicksparks.

Get better weight distribution over soft snow, improving your performance and range of conditions by using our ESLA sliding runners (36mm wide) or our extra wide ESLA snow runners (56mm wide). ESLA runners will also help your sled to move easier over gritted, salted or other high friction areas.

ESLA sliding and snow runners can be found in the Kicksled accessories section.

Our ESLA kicksleds offer a one (1) year warranty in the case of faulty materials or manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, corrosion, colour fade on the wooden components or damage due to use for unintended purposes.

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Weight 8.3 kg
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