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What goes into a kicksled?

Kicksleds since 1933

The series production of our famous ESLA kicksleds started in 1933. ESLA has been the market leader for kicksleds in Finland, Scandinavia and many other northern countries since the 70’s and over a million pieces have been manufactured. Today, the company also produces different kinds of mobility devices for people of all age groups.

ESLA mobility devices are sold in Finland by bicycle, sports and hardware stores and other well equipped outlets.


Environmental values

Kicksled’s wooden components are entirely produced from renewably sourced Finnish birch, and acquisition of the wooden materials is carried out following all appropriate environmental legislation. Our main supplier of birch timber is Koskisen Oy Hirvensalmi, who are PEFC certified.


Our long history with Birch

Using birch correctly was one of ESLAs first main industrial specialties. The training needed to properly handle this material is only gained by many years of experience. Solid birch is hard and durable and suitable for structural loading, as well as having a very attractive appearance.

Wooden components are built from knot free sections of wood, and care is taken to design all parts to use the direction of the woods grain for their strength. As a side product, all wood shavings and offcuts and burned in our boiler to produce heat , and assist the paint curing process.


Making the most of steel

The runners are built from spring steel, which is specially produced for kicksleds. We use recycled steel to produce our items, which come from such things as recycled cars. The powder coating we use on some metal components do not contain anything which may be harmful to the environment.


Long lasting wood finishes

Paint and sealants for wooden components are ecologically friendly, and we have used solely water based paints since 2005. The parts are all immersed three times during the painting process to ensure that we get full, even coverage, giving a great finish. Our traditional finish is laquered, which reveals the attractive wood grain. Red and Blue, as well as a new range of many other colours, are all resistant to ultraviolet light, so that your product will keep its great finish for many years even in direct sunlight.


Getting our products to you

Kicksled parts are being made all year round,  waiting for the snow to begin falling in autumn. We promise to deliver our products out to you quickly even during busy periods as we have a large stock ready to go year round from our warehouse.  At the moment we have the capacity to produce 300 units each day.